Keeping records of activities funded through the Zero Carbon Cumbria Community Climate Grant is essential to : 

  • Keep track of your progress and make sure you are achieving what you set out to do 
  • Be accountable to the National Lottery Climate Action Fund (which has provided the resources to CAfS / ZCC to deliver this funding programme) 
  • Enable CAfS / ZCC to demonstrate the overall impact of the Zero Carbon Cumbria Community Climate Grant (by adding your contribution to that of others) 
  • Build up a good record of delivery which will help you when applying for other grants (think of it like credit score ratings) 
  • Enable you to be able to report to your members at your regular meetings / Annual General Meeting (if you keep records as you go along, then it is easier to collect information at the end of the year) 
  • Shout about your achievements and inspire others! 

By signing up to the terms and conditions outlined in your application, you will have committed to providing CAfS with monitoring information. 

When you receive your grant, if you haven’t already discussed this as part of the application process, it is important that you agree with other members of your group: 

  • What you will measure / count / report on during the delivery of your project (please see list of suggestions at the end of this section)? 
  • Who is going to keep records? 
  • How the records will be kept? 
  • How they will be shared (with your group and others)?   

At the end of your project, you will be required to return a monitoring form to CAfS detailing what you have achieved through the project and confirming your expenditure.  

 Please see further guidance and template for reporting to CAfS.