• All applications must demonstrate value for money and will either be for practical projects which will reduce carbon emissions, promote changes in behaviour within your local community, or development work to set up a new group or improve the skills of an existing group.
  • Any practical or ‘delivery’ projects should show how they will use their work to raise awareness and promote more engagement in work to tackle carbon emissions.

Delivery projects should be focused on:

  • Reducing carbon emissions including those relating to energy use, food, buying things and/or travel.
  • Engaging with more people and building knowledge and understanding of climate change within your community.
  • Linking with other projects or activities which will help achieve the target of a Zero Carbon Cumbria by 2037.

Development projects which help new and existing sustainability groups should:

  • Develop skills and knowledge that will help you have more impact, such as skilling up to respond to consultations / making planning objections, conducting surveys, gaining media and communications skills, setting up a website and organising online events
  • Build capacity, for example by recruiting more volunteers/members so that the group can take on more activities

You can apply for a wide range of different types of expenditure including:

    1. Salaries and running costs
    2. Publicity and promotion including website costs
    3. Engagement activities
    4. Equipment and refurbishment

Please see our Guidance Notes for applicants for further details.