Solar panels can be fitted on a variety of different roof coverings. Newer systems can actually replace your tiles or slates and be in-line with the rest of your roof.  

It’s important to think about your roof condition before you install solar. It needs to be able to take the weight of the panels, and you need to be confident that you won’t have to remove the panels after a few years to maintain or replace your roof covering. You can seek an independent roof survey or ask your installer for advice. 

Also do consider whether you have a sufficiently clear space on your roof. If you have lots of dormer windows or chimneys or other features, they can cast shadows and reduce the amount of space available for the panels. An average panel is approximately 1.7m long by 1m wide (although a variety of different sized panels is emerging) and you need to be able install enough in one area to make it worth the cost of scaffolding.