During your smart meter installation, the installer should set up and show you how your in-home display (IHD) works. This will include how to see how much you are using, spending and on some IHDs the ability to set budgets.

You can change your settings to allow you to review your energy usage either:

  • Per Day
  • Per Week
  • Per Month

The IHD shows you in near-real time the amount of energy you use in pounds and pence. Being able to view your usage makes it easier to identify situations where you maybe using a lot of energy and help you adapt ways in which you could reduce this.

Energy suppliers offer different IHDs, which means yours may look different to your friends or neighbours. But they all provide the same information and functionalities.

Accessible in-home display (IHD)
For anyone who is blind, partially sighted, or has difficulties with dexterity or memory loss, an accessible in-home display (AHID) could make tracking energy usage easier. The AIHD has been developed in partnership with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), and includes features such as large buttons and text-to-speech functionality. Contact your supplier to find out more.