Through our Solar Made Easy project we are seeking partner installers who we can confidently introduce to clusters of homeowners in different communities. Since starting work on the project we have found that the energy price escalation has had a huge impact on the solar market. Demand has soared and the good installers are inundated with enquiries. We hope that our cluster approach will make it easier for installers to respond to demand. 

If you wish to proceed independently, we would recommend that you look out for the following  when you seek quotes : 

  • Are they MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) accredited? You can search for installers in Cumbria here. 
  • Are they a member of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code? 
  • Do they have good reviews? 

Check their quote includes: 

  • A realistic estimation of electricity generation and percentage of electricity that is likely to be used. 
  • A financial assessment of savings over time and estimated payback period. 
  • Technical information on the system they are proposing for you. 
  • Warranty information. 

Installers may not visit your home initially and may not provide complete information until they are more confident that the job might go ahead. If this is the case, check that this will be done at the next stage before you place the order with them.