Donating to CAfS

Pie chart showing how CAfS is funded 2016-17

Why donations are vital to CAfS

We often struggle to do all the things we’d like to do. Donations make an enormous difference to CAfS. It’s only through donations that we can run some of our events and activities to help reduce Cumbria’s carbon footprint.

That’s because nearly all our funds come from grants or contracts that are for specific projects, so they’re restricted to that work. We don’t receive any core funding or any kind of ongoing unrestricted funds from government or other agencies. Attracting grants is always a challenge, as there are very few that are directly for tackling climate change.

It’s only through donations that we can react to opportunities that come along, or drive new projects that we wouldn’t be able to get grant support for.

That’s why even small donations make a big difference to us.


How to donate to CAfS

If you’d like to make a donation, the best way to do it is using our BT MyDonate page. 100% of your donation will come to CAfS. We also warmly accept cash donations at our

events or at our office in Penrith. Cheques can be sent to us at our usual address.

Donating to CAfS at no cost to you!

There’s even a clever way for you to donate to us without it costing you anything, while you shop online. Before you make a purchase on sites like Amazon, all you have to do is visit Give As You Live first, and then select the online retailer you want to shop with. Give As You Live will track your purchase and CAfS will get a donation. If you bought something worth £10 on Amazon, for example, Give As You Live would donate up to 15p to CAfS. All those small amounts soon add up for us. You can even use Give As You Live to do price comparisons for products and services – or use them to order personalised greetings cards to raise £1 for CAfS per card.

(The first time you visit Give As You Live, you’ll need to sign up and choose CAfS from the list of charities to support. After that, you just need to log in.)