Supporting Cumbria to reach net zero by generating climate action in Copeland

The Community Climate Champions project started in 2021 to generate new grassroots voluntary action on the climate crisis, and empower and increase self agency in the people stepping up to become volunteer champions.

The project is one of CAfS ‘broad and light’ awareness raising projects within the wider programme of activity under the Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership – which aims for Cumbria to reach net zero emissions by 2037.

In this third year of the project, CAfS has focused efforts in the former district of Copeland.  People living in Copeland from all backgrounds and level of experience are trained to become influencers in the local area, generating climate positive action through valuable conversation and events.

At CAfS we understand that encouraging people to identify and lead their own community agenda to reduce carbon emissions is vital to creating significant change. The community climate champions project is a great example of how we encourage this process.

Here’s how it works

Climate Champions in the news

Meet one of our new community climate champions

August 18th, 2023|Comments Off on Meet one of our new community climate champions

Matthew Stemp joined our Climate Champions in the first call for volunteers, about three months ago.  He is a youth worker, who was interested in the programme as a way of meeting like-minded people in [...]