Cold to Cosy Homes application

Please complete this form if you are applying for yourself.

Is there anyone (e.g. a carer or relative) who should be the primary contact used to arrange the visit?
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If you own your own home AND your gas central heating is broken, then please select Yes. Otherwise please select No.
How did you hear about this scheme?
I consent to you sharing my contact information with Cumbria Action for Sustainability and AgilityEco who are running the LEAP programme with the support of the council / housing association. I understand that a member of staff at Cumbria Action for Sustainability and the LEAP contact centre will telephone me to ask me further questions to confirm my eligibility for the scheme and arrange a home energy visit. I understand that this may include questions regarding my health and financial status and/or that of members of my household. I understand that my personal information will not be shared with or used by anyone outside this programme without my explicit consent unless the law allows for the sharing of information for the purposes of prevention and detection of crime or where I, or another person would otherwise be at risk of serious harm.