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If you’d like to be listed on our supplier directory, please read the terms and conditions to check that your service is eligible, and then fill in the form below.


The CAfS Green Building & Lifestyle Directory helps people to make their homes and lifestyles more sustainable, by making it easier for them to find relevant suppliers. The directory also supports suppliers, by connecting you with customers looking for your services.

There are a few eligibility criteria and conditions:

  • You must offer your services or products in some or all of Cumbria.
  • Your products/services must be relevant to making homes or lifestyles more sustainable. You’ll be asked to choose which services you offer below. If you can’t find your service listed, it might be that it’s not the right fit for this directory. There’s more information on this below. CAfS reserves the right to make the final decision on whether to include a supplier in the directory. CAfS also reserves the right not to include your service in all the categories you tick.
  • We may edit the text you submit, for consistency and to correct any errors. We may ask you for more information, so that the listing is as useful as possible for users. We’re unlikely to include incomplete listings.
  • If we add you to our directory, this does not constitute an endorsement by CAfS. We make it clear to users of the directory that we do not endorse or recommend the suppliers in it. We do not quality check suppliers, but we may consider removing suppliers about whom we receive complaints from users.
  • Please notify us if you need to amend or remove your listing, by emailing [email protected].
  • CAfS reserves the right to refuse, remove or amend any listing at any time without prior notice, explanation or appeal.

There is no charge to be listed in the directory.

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If you are already listed, you cannot update using this form - please email [email protected] with your change request.
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NOTE: The directory is very specific, to help people find the exact service they need. Please do not tick categories that do not relate to your business.

Renewable energy for heating


Renewable energy for power


Renewable energy


Low-energy builds & energy efficiency


Solid-wall & traditional buildings




Electric vehicles


Other services


Sustainable lifestyle

Can’t find your service?
The directory is for only for services and products that will help people make their homes or lifestyles more sustainable. If your service isn’t listed here, but you feel it would help achieve these aims, then please fill in the form above and suggest a category here. We’ll review your submission and come back to you.