Annual report 2016-17

CAfS Annual Report 2016-17 - front coverIt’s been a bumper year for CAfS (as usual!). We delivered 30 diverse projects in 2016-17, always driving towards our goal of a zero carbon Cumbria – a county with no carbon footprint.

The main thrust of our work has been helping people use less energy in their homes, and supporting communities wanting to set up their own energy schemes or reduce energy use. But we’ve also been a force for change in lots of other ways throughout the year, taking up opportunities to influence the sustainability and climate change agendas at a regional and national level.

We’ve managed to do it all at a time when budgets are squeezed ever more tightly. We’re funded almost entirely by grants and contracts to deliver specific projects, and grants for climate change projects are harder and harder to find. Thanks to our long-standing reputation as an organisation that can successfully deliver a wide range of projects, we’re still here and going stronger than ever.

Have a browse through our annual report for a whirlwind tour of our year!

CAfS Annual Report 2016-17