Alston Moor Repair Cafe

Alston Moor Repair Cafe – Sat 7 July, Samuel Kings School, Alston

10am to 1pm

Alston Moor’s new Repair Cafe opens its doors on Sat 7 July.

Round up all your broken stuff and bring it along for a fix! Or just drop in and enjoy a chat with your neighbours over coffee and a cake.

Volunteers will be standing by to fix everything from holes in sweaters to vacuums that have given up the ghost at this sociable session.They’re able to look at electricals, textiles, electronics, IT and software, plumbing and mechanical goods for you.

We’re running four Repair Cafés over the next year, on behalf of Alston Moor Partnership – made possible by funding from Cumbria County Council and the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

“We’ve all got things languishing in the back of the cupboard or lying in the garage that need a repair, but sometimes it can be tricky to find someone to fix them and it can be costly, too,” said Roe Baker from CAfS, who’s organising the events as part of the Alston Moor Greenprint.

“That’s why repair cafés are becoming so popular around the country, as well as here in Cumbria. They’re such a fantastic way to keep things from being thrown out when they have a lot of life left in them.”

We’re very grateful to all the volunteers who’ve come forward to help, and we’d still love to hear from you if you’ve got the skills to fix things, as we’re building up a pool of volunteers. The Repair Café is also about passing on skills, and the Alston one will have a craft station where attendees can make their own draught excluder, thanks to a helping hand from crafty volunteers and using donated fabric. They could well come in handy during any summer storms that come along, as well as getting ready for winter.

The cafe wouldn’t live up to its name without tea and cake, and Roe would still like to hear from any local groups who’d like to run the tea station, keeping donations for their organisation.

Our venue for the first Repair Café will be Samuel Kings School in Alston, and we’re grateful to them for offering to host us and for opening up their design and technology rooms on a Saturday for us.

Future repair cafes will be held at different venues across Alston Moor, including Nenthead and Garrigill. Watch this space for details about them. Entry to the Repair Café is free.

Can you fix stuff? Do you live on Alston Moor?

If yes, then the new Alston Moor Repair Cafe really needs your help!Whether you’re handy with woodwork, electricals, IT kit, clothes repairs or have skills like crafts, you could help people in your community to learn how to fix things and keep useful goods from being thrown away.

It won’t take much of your time… there’ll be four Repair Cafes in the next year, and they last just three hours. We can even offer you free training in PAT testing – just the thing if you’re keen to get into electrical repairs!
The first Repair Cafe will be in the early summer.
Get in touch now to find out more… email or call 01768 210276.
Meanwhile, here’s a short video with Roe to tell you more about it…