About Us

flag croppedCumbria Action for Sustainability (CAfS) is a charity based in Penrith who work with individuals, businesses and communities to help them become more sustainable.

Founded in 1998 as Eden Local Agenda 21, the charity changed its name in 2008 to reflect its work which had become County-wide.

CAfS promotes low carbon living, energy saving and reduced use of fossil fuels throughout Cumbria, by providing information, advice and motivation through educational events, site visits and practical projects.

We work with householders, local environmental action groups, parish councils, communities, businesses, indeed anyone who wants to help tackle climate change and rising energy costs in Cumbria.

We do this by:

  • Supporting communities and organisations to take action through providing advice, information and resources
  • Undertaking practical projects from draught proofing the homes of those in fuel poverty to establishing community owned energy schemes
  • Providing training and events to increase skills of those in the area from homeowners to architects and planners, particularly on how to improve energy efficiency of older buildings
  • Organising the annual Cumbria Green Build Festival, encouraging people to open up their homes and businesses to help others undertake greener practices.
  • Providing various services from home energy audits, to bespoke projects for local agencies.