This year CAfS launched a new programme of climate training which has been very successful. CAfS’ climate and carbon literacy training courses have huge levels of take up and very positive feedback in terms of improved knowledge and also attendees feeling more motivated and empowered to take action. As take up was so high, we had to recruit extra trainers and now have a team of 8 specialist climate trainers. 

“The course sets out why action on climate change is needed now and what we can do as individuals and businesses to make a difference. In the past, when I have attended climate change training, I have felt that I have been talked at, judged or blamed (that action has been slow), this isn’t the case with CAfS, the approach is one that is reflective, balanced and pragmatic. It is based on an understanding that not all of us can take every action, inhibited by our ability to change for various reasons, but instead, raises your consciousness to make you want to do something, whatever is right for you or your organisation, and helps you think through the practical steps involved.” – Andrew Seekings, Chief Executive, Allerdale Borough Council. 

CAfS has delivered 68 training sessions this year to a great range of organisations and individuals, including Cumbria County Council, Allerdale Borough Council, Copeland Borough Council, South Lakeland District Council and Eden District Council, open courses for mixed audiences and a specialist course for hospitality businesses, including Langdale Leisure.  

Courses ranged from full-day, accredited climate and carbon literacy training, to shorter courses giving an overview of climate science and solutions for Cumbria.  

Any organisation interested in the bespoke organisational training or open audience courses should contact [email protected] 

For details of current open access courses available to book, please see Events – CAfS 

CAfS also recruited and supported 20 volunteer climate trainers this year who went on to deliver free climate-related talks and events in their own communities, reaching over 500 extra people.