Fellfoot Forward Future fair – North Pennines AONB 

The Fellfoot Forward Landscape Partnership Scheme is working with CAfS to deliver the Future Fair part of the scheme. We want to assist farmers, landowners and communities in the scheme area to implement long-term sustainability and carbon reduction and leave a legacy that is fair and sustainable for the next generation. Climate change and how we respond locally and globally will affect the security and impact of everything we invest in through the Fellfoot Forward Landscape Partnership Scheme. 

Fellfoot Forward Community buildings – North Pennines AONB The Fellfoot Forward Landscape Partnership Scheme can support communities to change their community buildings to become low carbon and sustainable, and to focus on opportunities to retrofit and renovate, utilising renewable energy, choosing natural materials, and nurturing an ethos of reduce, reuse, repair and recycle. 

Looking ahead! In 2022 CAfS will be working with the Fellfoot Forward LPS and the Farmer Network to deliver an innovative “whole farm carbon pilot” in the area, supporting farmers in calculating their baseline carbon emissions utilising the Farm Carbon Toolkit and aiding them with audits, training, on farm events and farmer to farmer networks.