Along with the help of some of our fantastic EV volunteers, we are delighted to announce that our new video series on electric vehicles is now complete.

At CAfS, we are keen to delve deep into some of the popular ideas surrounding EVs, especially seeing as a lot of us in Cumbria will have no choice but to adopt the technology fairly soon because of the governments impending ban on petrol and diesel cars.

This is why we have begun this series to become more informed on this topic and hopefully to help some others who are struggling with the question of whether they are ready to make the switch.

Now, obviously when talking of transport we must stress that the very best environmental option for getting from one place to another is always to use the two feet that we were given for that purpose.

That is why we are viewing this series through the lens of the transport hierarchy. If you can’t walk, maybe cycle? If you can’t cycle, hopefully you can take the bus/train? If there’s no public transport (we do live in Cumbria after all), then a car could be your only option and in that case, you’re better off in an EV than with an internal combustion engine vehicle (ICE).

With that in mind, Kieran sat down with four volunteer speakers who took him through the differences between driving in a battery-powered vehicle and an ICE vehicle, the resulting conversations have been produced into the four videos below.

We hope you enjoy them and find them informative! They are all available on the CAfS YouTube channel if you would like to comment your own thoughts or watch on a larger screen to inspect the many quirks of each of our speakers’ spare rooms more closely.

1.  Driving an EV compared with a petrol or diesel

2. Regenerative braking

3. What do you miss about petrol and diesel?

4. What would you say to a sceptic?

Please let us know what other EV-related topics you would like us to cover in our ongoing investigations.

And if you would like to add your name to the pool of our EV driving volunteers, please email [email protected]