Anyone who follows the things we like to get up to here at CAfS may remember around about a year ago, we put out an appeal for electric vehicle (EV) owners on this very site.

Our request was aimed at anyone who has experience owning an EV to give us a hand in some focus groups all concerned around the oncoming revolution in our personal transport. These focus groups and meetings were going to take place all over the county and even include a spot of lunch.

Well, we all saw how that went.

2021 is a fresh year though and after a rethink, we’ve come up with a revised plan for our purpose of exploring EV technology. Happily enough, step 1 is identical to last year’s process.

We’re asking anyone with an EV to make themselves known to us as someone willing to give-up a small amount of time for some informal chats about their purchase. We’ll be conducting discussions over Zoom with an aim of discussing the experience honestly, performing all necessary myth-busting and raising concerns that have yet to be heard by those uninitiated to the EV world.

We’ll tackle topics like:

  • What’s it like to drive an EV?
  • Will I be able to drive to work and back on one charge?
  • Where can I find public chargepoints?
  • What happens if the battery gets wet?

Depending on the number of people who are keen to volunteer, this will most likely only involve an hour or so every few months so the time commitment is minimal. The help it will afford us though, will be anything but.

Anyone interested in offering their help should email [email protected]