Are you a young person or a teacher who’d like to take action on climate change in Cumbria? Please could you spare a few minutes to fill in our survey on how we can help you!

We are planning to set up a programme of support for young people. There are grants out there that would make it possible for us to do this, but we need to show that there is a real need for our help, and an appetite to take action.

That’s where our surveys come in. There’s one for teachers, and one for young people. By sharing your views, you’ll help us to understand how much demand there is.

Earlier this year, hundreds of young people across Cumbria came together at the Youth Climate Summit and Youth Climate Question Time events to share their views with others and people in positions of power. At these events you told us that you’d like help to get your voices heard, and for those in power to listen and take action, as you don’t feel that this is the case right now.

We’d like to help change this, so that you have the knowledge, skills, networks and power to become leaders on climate change, and influence change by other people and organisations.

The survey is open until 18 December 2019.

It’ll just take a few minutes and you’ll be helping us to help you! Please choose either the teachers’ or young people’s survey below. Thank you!

Teachers’ survey

Young people’s survey

If you have any questions, please get in touch: [email protected]