Electricity North West logoElectricity North West has been named as the headline sponsor for this year’s Cumbria Green Build and Sustainable Living Festival.

This annual programme showcasing clever low-energy buildings and home improvements, along with ways to cut carbon footprints, will expand to around fifty events for 2019, thanks to the sponsorship boost from the region’s electricity distribution network operator.

Run by Cumbria Action for Sustainability (CAfS), the festival offers open homes, tours, workshops, courses, films, conferences and talks, for householders, communities and professionals. Now in its fourteenth year, the festival was the first of its kind in the country.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Electricity North West for our flagship annual festival,” said Hazel Graham, chief executive of CAfS. “Their support has allowed us to offer even more events across the county, while strengthening our working relationship. There’s a lot of crossover in the aims of our two organisations, given that Electricity North West’s distribution network lies at the heart of some of the key technologies we showcase during the festival and throughout the year – from renewable energy to electric vehicles.”

Earlier this year, the operator launched its new strategy to decarbonise the region’s electricity distribution network, paving the way for greater use of these technologies.

“Our support for this long-standing and popular festival is great fit with our initiatives to help our communities to reduce carbon, which is a central part of our decarbonisation strategy,” said Steve Cox, Electricity North West’s engineering and technical director.

“Through our energy innovation, we are enabling our customers to connect low-carbon technologies to our network, facilitating the transition to a low-carbon economy. The revolution of our electricity industry is a key part of the UK’s journey to zero carbon – the way electricity is generated, stored, transported and traded. As the region’s network operator, we are leading the way in this transformation.”

The festival runs throughout September, with events across Cumbria. The full programme will be launched in early August.