We’ve been creating a brand-new website for CAfS, and we’d like to invite you to be the first to take a peek! It’s still a work in progress, with more content to be added, but we’d welcome your feedback.

The site has been redesigned to make it quick and easy for visitors to find the information they need, to make life here in Cumbria more sustainable and tackle climate change.

There’s a new sustainable living guide, with practical tips to reduce your carbon footprint – from travel and food to shopping and waste.

The new ‘For your home’ section is packed with advice and information that will help you to use less energy at home. There’s guidance on insulation, draughtproofing, ventilation, flood resilience, renewable energy for heating and power, energy tariffs and lots of practical energy-saving tips.

We’ve launched a new Cumbria Green Building and Lifestyle Directory, to help you find suppliers for everything from living roofs and solar PV to zero-waste shops. We’re in the process of adding suppliers, so please bear with us. If you’re a supplier, please add yourself – it’s free to have a listing.

The new website will also make it easier to find out about CAfS’ projects, past and present. You can delve into some of our highest profile initiatives, including the Rebuilding Together programme to help Cumbria adapt for future flooding and other extreme weather. You can get behind the scenes at 33a Chapel Street, our video project following the renovation of a solid-wall property in Appleby. You can also explore what’s been happening in the three-year Alston Moor Greenprint project to create a vision of a greener future for the area. We’re adding new content to the projects section at the moment, so please bear with us.

There’s now a news section where you can keep up to date on all things sustainability in Cumbria and beyond.

You’ll also find a new events section, where there’ll be details on forthcoming CAfS events, complete with online booking – all without leaving the site.

Coming soon

We’ve started to build two new sections, which will be added to the site soon:

For communities

This is where you’ll find lots of information to help reduce your community’s carbon footprint – from making your village hall more energy efficient through to community energy and other local sustainability projects.

For professionals

This section is for people using the site in their professional capacity – from construction professionals interested in low-energy building, to those who support vulnerable people whom we might be able to help with our services such as draughtproofing and energy advice.

Your thoughts on the new site

We hope you’ll find the site easy to use useful. Please do share your thoughts. Is the new content helpful? Is there information you’d like us to add? What do you think of the look of the site (bearing in mind we’re still tidying up some of the layout!)? Email our marketing manager, Jaki Bell: [email protected] Thanks for helping us to get the site ready for its full launch!